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Quality assurance

Overview - measuring and inspection of optics

There's a need in your company to measure or inspect optics and you don't have the comprehensive testing facilities? It's not a big deal, we can help you. 

Measuring and inspection of optics are parts of our core activities. We want to offer this service to improve the customer loyalty in our company. With this offer we want to help especially companies with rare cases of measuring and inspection activities and a low range of testing facilities. Normally it's uneconomic to buy cost-intensive testing facilities, if a company needs these facilities only a few times a year. We are your capable partner for this kind of outsourcing cases.

We can check the following parameters in our company:

  • Spherical optics

    • Thickness

    • Diameter

    • Centration

    • Effective focal length (EFL)

    • Radii

    • Surface
      - Scratches and Punctures
      - Coating defects
      - Cement layer defects

If there are questions left, feel free to ask our staff at any time!

  • Plano optics

    • Width

    • Edge length

    • Facet

    • Thickness

    • Angles

    • Pyramidalerror

    • Surface
      - Scratches and Punctures
      - Coating defects
      - Cement layer defects

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